Amanda, Co-founder – Hope Ranch

“Thanks for all you poured out to the Lord through giving of yourself, your time, your gifting’ to help us get this from dream to reality!"

Ryan Frank, President - Innovative Ministries – Awana

“Dave caused us to dream big, and more importantly, encouraged us to methodically plan and work to make those dreams a reality.”

Phil Hosler, Marketing Manager – Hershey Foods Corporation

“One of Dave’s strengths is the ability to quickly identify issues and develop plans and tactics that will achieve positive results.”

Brooke Bills, Customer Service Manager - Jaxxi Products and Design

“Dave is a dedicated and passionate leader. His operations background and business acumen speak for themselves, but spend two minutes with Dave and you will soon realize how deep and firmly grounded he is in faith. Applying Dave’s operations experience and God-centered passion to a ministry setting would be a sure way for a church organization to quickly realize objectives in a new and exciting way. I can’t think of a better person to help take a church ministry’s vision and turn it into an actionable reality.”

Debbie Turner, Church Council - The Adventure Church

“As a female council member, I felt heard, challenged, respected, and valued for my contributions. ”

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The 7 Keys to Success

Unlocking Potential Together

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Key #1 - Preparation

Motivate everyone to be on the same page prior to embarking on this exciting journey.  More...

Key #2 - Foundation

Unify around your organization's Vision, Mission and Values  More...

Key #3 - Assessment

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...

Key #4 - Strategy

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...

Key #5 - Execution

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...

Key #6 - Coaching

A coach provides support, encouragement and healthy accountability. More...

Key #7 - Adjusting

Stay on track by regularly asking what works, what’s not make necessary adjustments. More...

Don Flynn, Lead Pastor - Riverside Community Church

“He brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world and tries to listen carefully and help churches and ministries bring their God-given dreams to fruition through a clear plan.”

Steve Seghini, Connect Pastor – The Adventure Church

“Dave is truly gifted at taking a specific vision and creating a structured process to bring it to fruition. He is driven, compassionate, and dedicated to accomplishing tasks while keeping focused on how The Lord moves within a particular plan.”

David Janssen, Equipping Pastor – Grace Community Bible Church

“Dave Phillippy has brought energy and focus to our Children’s Ministry at Grace Community Bible Church. He has been guiding us through the planning process with an emphasis on follow through and action.”

Paul and Tami Guidash, Owners - The Guidash Group

“He is genuine in wanting me to succeed. I would strongly recommend Dave to you or any other organization that is serious about clarity in direction and vision and accomplishing well thought out and strategic goals. ”

Frank Speer, Lead Pastor – Grace Bible Church

“It is my firm conviction that absolutely any organization will benefit tremendously from his ongoing coaching. If like so many others you have a great vision but are struggling to realize it, I know from personal experience that The Plan Maker is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success.”

Patrick Murnane, Board Member - Look Development

“Dave Phillippy’s innate ability to effectively probe the depths of a ministry, proved to be of great help to our effort to identify and enunciate with crystal clarity our bedrock purposes and goals. ”

Chris Palmer, Owner - Scroll to Screen

“The Plan Maker gave us the confidence in developing a strategy to take our Christian animation company to the next level for the glory of God.”

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...