About Plan Maker

Plan Maker is dedicated to making a difference. At the root of everything we do, we are committed to uniting people around an organizational vision and making that vision succeed.


The Problem

Many organizations have trouble with finances, fund raising, communication, staff stability, accountability and time management . Every day we hear the stories of organizations and churches closing their doors. In addition. times are uncertain as companies and non profits face crucial issues with rising costs for health care, facilities and operational regulations. Many leaders feel overwhelmed with an uncertain future let alone the ability to strategically plan to achieve organizational goals and vision.


The Solution

Now more than ever it is essential to have a relevant long term vision along with effective short term goals. Every organization needs a plan and every successful organization HAS a plan! Not a plan that, like many struggling organizations, gets put on the shelf and forgotten, but a plan that generates excitement and unity within the entire organization. Almost anyone can create a plan, but only exceptional organizations properly execute them. An integrated plan should be the driving force behind the organization and what is dominating daily operations. When an organization takes the time to properly develop and EXECUTE a plan with accountability, their probability of success significantly increases. At the heart of almost every successful organization is a healthy planning cycle. (see Planning Cycle chart in the Presentation)


Why Plan Maker?

Plan Maker is committed to seeing organizations fulfill their vision and has developed an affordable and simple approach to see vision fulfilled and organizations succeed. We want to invite you to take a journey with us where you will learn how to integrate the Plan Maker full planning cycle into your organization. Plan Maker has developed the "7 keys to success" and, if followed , will dramatically impact your path towards that vision. The journey is a partnership, working together to integrate these effective tools and make success a reality. Start your journey today!

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The 7 Keys to Success

Unlocking Potential Together

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Key #1 - Preparation

Motivate everyone to be on the same page prior to embarking on this exciting journey.  More...

Key #2 - Foundation

Unify around your organization's Vision, Mission and Values  More...

Key #3 - Assessment

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...

Key #4 - Strategy

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...

Key #5 - Execution

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...

Key #6 - Coaching

A coach provides support, encouragement and healthy accountability. More...

Key #7 - Adjusting

Stay on track by regularly asking what works, what’s not make necessary adjustments. More...

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...