The Plan Maker Values

Plan Maker's vision is to be known for helping organizations fulfill their vision through the utilization and integration of the "7 Keys to Success."

To partner with organizations and assist in the annual planning cycle by applying proven Plan Maker principles and creating a more effective path towards fulfilling their mission.

We Believe:
We believe organizations can fulfill their vision and we believe by implementing "The 7 Keys to Success" organizations will do just that. It is essential now more than ever for organizations to have a plan and adopt an annual planning process. With over 30 years of experience, Plan Maker has developed a highly effective process that is simple to implement and manage. This process will unite your entire organization and significantly improve focus and communication. Everyone will have a clear roadmap for where your organization is going and how you plan to get there. We believe that your vision can be much more than dream for the future. We believe that, together, we can make your dream become a reality.


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The 7 Keys to Success

Unlocking Potential Together

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Key #1 - Preparation

Motivate everyone to be on the same page prior to embarking on this exciting journey.  More...

Key #2 - Foundation

Unify around your organization's Vision, Mission and Values  More...

Key #3 - Assessment

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...

Key #4 - Strategy

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...

Key #5 - Execution

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...

Key #6 - Coaching

A coach provides support, encouragement and healthy accountability. More...

Key #7 - Adjusting

Stay on track by regularly asking what works, what’s not make necessary adjustments. More...

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...