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Our vision is to provide experienced, high quality consulting for an affordable price. We do not consider ourselves a “quick fix” solution as it takes time to establish and build on firm foundations. We encourage a partnership with The Plan Maker for a minimum of 3 years and recommend an annual commitment of 50 hours each year to develop The Plan Maker process. We guarantee results! Please contact us about our affordable pricing options and our flexible payment plans. If you are not completely satisfied with the first year’s results you may cancel the balance of your contract – we are that confident we can dramatically help you!

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Awana Grace Community Church Scroll to Screen, LLC Karen D Music Slingshot Concerts, LLC
Rovicos Coffee NU Packaging GSMG Services
Hope Ranch The Adventure Church Risen King Alliance Church
Riverside Community Church Cornerstone Chapel Keep The Dream Alive
The Guidash Group Metropolitan District C&MA K|Magazine
Kidzmatter INCM Grace Bible Church
Landmark Catering    


Past Planning Experience:

Jaxxi Products and Design, Hershey Foods Corporation

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The 7 Keys to Success

Unlocking Potential Together

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Key #1 - Preparation

Motivate everyone to be on the same page prior to embarking on this exciting journey.  More...

Key #2 - Foundation

Unify around your organization's Vision, Mission and Values  More...

Key #3 - Assessment

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...

Key #4 - Strategy

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...

Key #5 - Execution

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...

Key #6 - Coaching

A coach provides support, encouragement and healthy accountability. More...

Key #7 - Adjusting

Stay on track by regularly asking what works, what’s not make necessary adjustments. More...

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...