Your Vision

Your Vision

Every organization has a dream! Our sole purpose is to assist you in fulfilling your dream for your organization. We care about your dreams and believe we can help you achieve them! We envision a world where organizations are healthy, motivated and collectively united around that dream!

Real Solutions

Real Solutions

We have developed a simple, affordable, comprehensive and highly effective process. The heart of the Plan Maker is in the "7 keys to success." Each step is easy to understand and implement. Click on the "7 keys" page for more information.

Experienced Coaches

Experienced Coaches

We will guide you, coach you and encourage you every step of the way. We will provide the appropriate accountability to ensure you accomplish what you set out to accomplish. We will help you stay on track and remained focused.

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

Executing the "7 Keys to Success" yields guaranteed results! It is that simple. If you have a dream you are trying to achieve and need a little help, it is time for the Plan Maker! Give us a call today!

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Welcome to Plan Maker - Thank you for visiting our site!

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

We are passionate about helping organizations fulfill their vision.  At the heart of Plan Maker is the strategic integration of "The 7 Keys to Success" to your organization. This process has been developed, refined and optimized from over 25 years of experience. We know planning can be overwhelming at times to any organization so simplicity and manageability are essential elements.

Thank you for visiting us today!  We believe it is absolutely possible to achieve the vision of an organization. We believe in YOUR dream!  If you have an exciting vision but need some help making that vision become a reality, then it is time for Plan Maker. Let's build your plan together!

We start with your vision

We integrate the "7 Keys to Success"

We guarantee success!

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The 7 Keys to Success

Unlocking Potential Together

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Key #1 - Preparation

Motivate everyone to be on the same page prior to embarking on this exciting journey.  More...

Key #2 - Foundation

Unify around your organization's Vision, Mission and Values  More...

Key #3 - Assessment

It is critical to assess your current situation and how you got there. More...

Key #4 - Strategy

Prioritize goals and establish a detailed, measurable plan with clear responsibilities. More...

Key #5 - Execution

Strive to complete each task on time and with the highest level of excellence. More...

Key #6 - Coaching

A coach provides support, encouragement and healthy accountability. More...

Key #7 - Adjusting

Stay on track by regularly asking what works, what’s not make necessary adjustments. More...